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 This first week in Thailand has been busy. Meeting new people, working with missionaries in the field. On Saturday, Lily held a lunch for missionary women in Chiang Mai. I got to meet many of the women she supports. Fellowship and knowing that you are cared about by others is so important.

On Monday we travelled to Mae Sot. Here, we are out and about in the community. It is a time for me to observe and take in information. There are things here that we are not confronted with much at home, real poverty, people who are stateless. Much more than can or should be described in a written communication. Things that need careful thought and prayer. Human trafficking has increased. We are very close to the border with Myanmar. Trafficking has increased significantly in the past 3 weeks.

Last night, the person whose house we are staying in, an Australian missionary from WA, held a worship and prayer evening. People came together to worship and pray. Singing together with Spotify or guitar backing. Praying for one another. Laying on hands. Doing the things that we are asked to do in a small group. We sat outside on mats. Showing the world around us that we belong to Jesus. How? By the love that was evident one for another in the group. Some people gave their testimony... testimonies of accepting Jesus and being rejected by their family. Many things that link is together in Jesus. And I ask, why can we not do this more in our own community?

It is a time of reflection and growth for me. I do not yet know what this actually means. It just is.

With love and praying God's richest blessings for you