This weekend we are continuing our series “Better Together’, as we look at growing together with each other.

Many people, I think, make the mistake of thinking that all they need to grow spiritually is God’s Word and prayer. But the truth is, we need people to help us grow.

There are many things God wants you to learn about life that you will never learn on your own. You will only learn them in community.

It is within this community that we need to ‘encourage one another and build each other up’ (1 Thessalonians 5:11)

We can do this in a number of ways, but we are called by God to be examples to one another of what growing together is like, and further, we are to be an example to our wider community, of what it is to be in true fellowship as a part of the Body of Christ.

We need to ensure that we are encouraging each other, teaching each other, warning each other, confessing to each other and forgiving each other in the same way that Christ has shown in example to us.

This will help us continue as a church to be ‘Better Together’

Pastor Ben Hentschke


This weekend we are continuing our series “Better Together’, as we look at belonging together.

Often I wonder why we are always so reluctant to admit our need for each other?

I think there are a number of reasons for that, but ultimately, the world in which we live glorifies individualism. We admire independent, self-sufficient people who seem to get along quite well by themselves.

We also are full of pride, and so to ask for help or express a need can be seen (especially by some men) as a weakness.

But there is absolutely no shame in needing others. God wired each of us to need others; he wants each of us to depend on and support one another. This is because God intends for us to experience life together. We were designed for relationships, formed for fellowship in God’s family and created for community.

God doesn’t want you to go through life alone, which is why as a church, we are exploring what it means to be ‘better together’ so that we can grow, love and be loved, serve and be served through small groups so that we can thrive spiritually as we learn to belong together.

Pastor Ben Hentschke


This weekend is the beginning of our brand new series called ‘Better Together’ and the message of this series is actually pretty radical and countercultural. It is almost the exact opposite of what you have been taught your entire life.

Because as Australians, we love our independence. You know the sayings: “I got to be me”, “I did it my way”, “I don’t need anybody to tell me what it’s all about”.

We think, and have been taught that happiness is the result of independence. And if we are financially independent, and relationally independent, if I am independent in every way—then I will be happiest.

Yet, as a nation we have never been more unhappy.

Why? Because independence is not the answer.

Happiness does not come from being independent, isolated, living your life with all the barriers up and all the masks, and keeping people at arm’s distance. That’s not the way to live life. Happiness, and joy actually comes from community, because we are ‘better together’.

I look forward to exploring how we are ‘better together’ exploring the joy of being in relationship and community with others over the coming weeks.

Pastor Ben Hentschke


We are so blessed as a church to be able to partner with Bethany Lutheran Primary School, and following the farewell of the previous principal (Mr. Neil Schiller) who faithfully served for many years, today is the day of something new.

It has been a blessing to have worked with Mrs. Heidi Hansen over the course of the past year already as she has worked in the acting principal role, but it is even more exciting to see her continue in that role as our new principal of Bethany Lutheran Primary School as she is officially installed today by Bishop Paul Smith.

An exciting part of my call almost 6 years ago was the opportunity to work within this school environment, and it has been amazing to work within the school on a regular basis – leading worship services, talking to and praying with children, helping out and sharing in classrooms and getting to know teachers, parents and those who make up the wider school community, and how in all of these ways we as a church see how those in the school community also want to know Christ and seek to make Christ known.

I pray God’s richest blessings on Mrs. Heidi Hansen as the school aspires to continually grow and thrive under her leadership into an inspiring new future.

Pastor Ben Hentschke


This weekend sees us in Part 3 of ‘Life. Money. Hope.’

When I think of those three things, there is always one name for me that springs to mind, and that is the author, radio host and founder of Financial Peace University – Dave Ramsey who is sharing a word with us today.

He is going to share with us on the myth about money, because when you look closely around the world at everything we have: our resources, money, stuff, time and talents – they are not ours. God owns it all.

Which means essentially that we are just an asset manager, a steward of all that God has blessed us with. When we start thinking about all that we have in this different way, it changes things.

We are going to see that in order to be more and more like Christ, which is what God is calling us to do – we should be givers in the same way that God is. When we are givers in this way, it reminds us of who owns everything. We see that it is an awesome act of praise and worship, and we see that giving is actually a help when it comes to Spiritual Warfare.

My prayer is that you continually grow in your understanding of giving.

Pastor Ben Hentschke


Today we continue in our series called Life. Money. Hope. And today we are talking about growing in our giving.

And if you don’t think you are blessed, just a quick reminder that compared to the rest of the world – you are in the top 5% if not the top 1 or 2% of wealthiest people in the world. As a nation, as individuals we are very blessed materially and financially.

But the reality is that we don’t always feel blessed, do we. Instead we feel: based on economic circumstances, life circumstances, the smallness of our pension, wage, benefits, or super so we don’t want to give our money, our time, or our resources to anyone.

But when we do give of those things, that is when we are serving and glorifying God, because He is the one who said “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35)

I pray that you will each continue to grow in your giving, moving away from wrong responses to God’s blessings, and instead growing as spontaneous, strategic and sacrificial givers. Why? Because God has blessed us with more, therefore we will intentionally give more.

Be blessed, Pastor Ben Hentschke


Today we begin an exciting new series called Life. Money. Hope. And if money really could talk, what might yours say?

As you probably have worked out – life doesn’t always go as planned, and there are often highs and lows that we must face. God’s Word shows us a better way that gives us hope and encourages us to be generous no matter our circumstances.

Today we are focussing on a few proverbs, and some of Jesus’ stories (parables) where he shares how the key to a blessed life is a heart of generosity, because he said: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35)

The challenge is that so many of us today think of being blessed as getting more, but the reality of what Jesus said is that to really experience blessing, we must be generous, and we will be blessed as we give more.

One of the things that we need to do is change our mindset. Because when we truly realise how blessed we are. And as you realise all that God has given to you: materially, financially, relationally, and spiritually through Jesus – the greatest gift whose birth we just celebrated, we will truly see that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Be blessed, Pastor Ben Hentschke