The Me I Want To Be – The Unstoppable Community Of Love (Part 4)


‘The Me I Want To Be’ will help you discover spiritual vitality like never before as we learn to ‘live in the flow of the Spirit’.

But if God has a perfect vision for our lives, why does spiritual growth seem so difficult?

This series will show how God’s perfect vision for us starts with a powerful promise. And as we recognise our brokenness, we also understand that God is the project manager and how we can follow His directions.

We will gauge our spiritual health and measure the gap between where we are now and where God intends us to be so that we can live in the flow of the Spirit, circumventing real-world barriers – pain and sorrow, temptations, self-doubt, sin – to flourish even in a dark and broken world.

God invites you to join Him in crafting an abundant and joy-filled life. ‘The Me I Want To Be’ shows you how to graciously accept His invitation.