This weekend sees us in Part 3 of ‘Life. Money. Hope.’

When I think of those three things, there is always one name for me that springs to mind, and that is the author, radio host and founder of Financial Peace University – Dave Ramsey who is sharing a word with us today.

He is going to share with us on the myth about money, because when you look closely around the world at everything we have: our resources, money, stuff, time and talents – they are not ours. God owns it all.

Which means essentially that we are just an asset manager, a steward of all that God has blessed us with. When we start thinking about all that we have in this different way, it changes things.

We are going to see that in order to be more and more like Christ, which is what God is calling us to do – we should be givers in the same way that God is. When we are givers in this way, it reminds us of who owns everything. We see that it is an awesome act of praise and worship, and we see that giving is actually a help when it comes to Spiritual Warfare.

My prayer is that you continually grow in your understanding of giving.

Pastor Ben Hentschke

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