Anxious Times?

The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.” – Jeremiah 31:8

Hi Church Family,

Growing up in South Africa is certainly an interesting experience. Of course, you don’t think much of it then because you’re accustomed to it, but you certainly notice a lot about life in hindsight. I remember when we went on holidays, and when we came back, because it wasn’t the safest place in the world, Dad would always get out of the car, lock the doors, and go through the house first to make sure it was safe for us. He would then come get us and walk in with us, and when we were safely inside he would unload the car.
I notice a similar thing with my five year-old at night. She is a little tentative about the dark so I tend to go in first, turn the light on, then I come get her and we walk in together.
And so it is also with God. Whatever stage of your journey or season of life you find yourself, do not be afraid of what is ahead, God goes before you. And whatever circumstances come along or whenever difficult situations arise, do not be discouraged, God is with you.
If you are at work then the our current situation means uncertainty about “will I be able to go to work, will I have to do what I can from home, or will I be stood down?” If something in your life has changed significantly because of the pandemic, you’re probably in a stage of transition, wondering what is to come. Should you try to get back as close as possible to what things used to be? Or is it better to embrace the changes and try to find what is next? If you are a parent then you are dealing with thoughts of “prep for home learning” in the back of your mind which might, or not, happen any day. All of us, but particularly those with health issues, are fatigued with weighing whether or not to go out once lockdowns are lifted. 
But here’s the thing, as ‘scary’ as some of those thoughts might be, ultimately, do not be afraid, do not be anxious, God has walked before you, you are safe. God is also walking with you, you are not alone. We can trust this because God has shown this to be true to the extremes of life, to the point of death. He goes before us even in death so that he can walk with us in life.
In His Service,
Pastor Roelof
God, thank you that you know go before us, that you keep us safe. Thank you that you are with us, that we are never alone. Help us all to trust in you so that we can experience the love, joy and peace that only comes by believing in you. In Jesus’, name, Amen. 

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