An idol is a person of thing that is greatly admired, loved, revered. It is also an image or representation of a god used as an object of worship.

We also know that one of the Ten Commandments that we find in Exodus is that we shall not have idols.

During the protestant reformation, a number of over-zealous persons took this idea to the nth degree as they went through all the church buildings discarded not just the statues and images of the saints, but even throwing out images of crucifix’s and crosses as well.

And the reason for this extreme behaviour was that they wanted to remove anything that might lead them to worship anything or anyone other than Jesus.

In more recent times we don’t have ‘idols’ so much that we worship (although I wonder if at certain times of the year we worship those idols/statues that we see at Suncorp Stadium), but there are things that we hold on to and greatly admire, love and revere, and in a sense, by doing so, we are using that thing/idea/person as an object of worship.

But ultimately, by admiring, loving and revering someone or something in this way, it will, over time, continue to lead us away from Christ, and away from the Gospel.

Sometimes I wonder if we admire/love/revere the style that we prefer in worship more than we admire/love/revere God? Or we admire/love/revere the building in which we worship more than we admire/love/revere God. I’m sure I could (or you also might be able to) list a dozen things that we admire/love/revere sometimes more than we admire/love/revere God.

But what do we do about this?

The simple answer – listen to God. Commune with God. Be intimate with God. Because the closer and closer we get to Christ, the more we will seek to admire/love/revere Him more than anything or anyone else.

I’m not saying that liking certain things is bad or wrong – but if we like them, and elevate them above Christ then we are creating an idol, and over time we will begin to worship the idol, rather than worship Christ.

My encouragement for you is to take this time of Lent to reflect, repent and repair. Reflect on those things that maybe you have crafted into an idol, however innocently. Repent of this sin. Renew your relationship with God by listening to Him through His Word, and receiving Him through His Gospel and Sacrament.

As we journey in this way together, we can continue to grow in Christ, but also be free of all our idols to further go out into our community to make the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus Christ and what He has done for us known.

In His Service,

Pastor Ben

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