Hi Church,

Today, we commemorate the Reformation, an event that started in 1517, and continues even until this day.

The 95 Theses that Martin Luther posted on the castle church door of Wittenberg propounded two central beliefs: that the Bible is the central religious authority; and that humans may reach salvation only by their faith and not by their deeds.

These two central beliefs have inspired the church to continue to reform – to ensure that the never-changing message of Christ can be heard in an ever-changing world.

It also inspired Luther to do things differently, to move away from the status quo to help people know Jesus Christ and make Him known. And I think this begs the question of us: in what ways are we continually reforming?

This weekend we are blessed to have Danielle Robinson share with us from God’s Word keeping these same two things central – helping us know Jesus Christ so that we can go out and make Him known.

In His Service, Pastor Ben

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