Hi Church,

For those of you who know me well, you will know that I am a ‘Samsung’ man, which really means that I am not an ‘Apple’ man. And for those of you who do not have any idea of what I am talking about – it means that I prefer ‘Samsung’ or ‘Android’ or ‘Microsoft’ based products and technologies over ‘Apple’ ones.

But there was a period in my life, probably about 10 years ago, during the advent of the ipod and the ipad and the iphone and too many other things starting with ‘i’ that I went through.

And one of the most common themes during that times was that people with an ‘i’ something, (a product made by the Apple company) would try and tell me how good their ithing was, and that I needed a ithing in my life as well.

Maybe you know someone with a thermomix who is just like this. A thermomix is a cooking appliance, which (if you ask someone who has one – not me) will do everything for you, and for those who have one, it is almost like they must get commission if someone else gets one, because they will forever tell of their benefits and how good they are and how I ‘must’ need one myself.

If you are of a certain vintage, I think it might have been the Kirby Vacuum cleaner which could (on demonstration) suck the water right out of a toilet bowl.

But, now, as I reflect, isn’t it interesting that we would forever tell others about the latest gadget, cooking appliance or vacuum, and have no issues with it at all, but when we think of telling the same people (sometimes even strangers) about Jesus – we get worried, scared, fearful?

Why is that?

Why are we so happy to share about something that has no eternal significance, something that will eventually stop working and get thrown in the bin or left to die in your garage or junk room, but we won’t share about something that is life altering and has eternal significance?

Maybe our priorities are wrong? Maybe we have confused what is important? Because there is really only one thing that is important, both in this life, and that same thing gives us the hope of the ‘next’ life as well – Jesus Christ.

So I encourage you, this week, to think about ways that you can work on knowing Jesus more, so that the thought of sharing him doesn’t make you worried, scared or fearful – but in the same way that you have received the gospel: with hope, excitement and zeal, the Spirit will lead you to share the gospel.

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