This week we dive into the second chapter of God’s message to us through His prophet Haggai, and again we hear God’s call to us through Haggai for us to ‘Consider our ways’.

The people had clear instructions from God to rebuild the temple, but what happened is they were discouraged. And they were discouraged because of their comparisons and their lack of progress.

Because what the people were doing was comparing their start with someone else’s finish. Haggai and some of the people knew what the temple was like in all its glory and splendour, and so were comparing their progress with what they knew, which caused them to be discouraged.

All God was asking them to do was to obey what it is that He had asked them so that they could receive His blessing. Sounds easy, right? But it turned out that this was a little bit harder than they thought, and what happened is that even after asking them to ‘consider their ways’, the people did not return to God, they did not obey.

This led them to see God as unloving, but really it was because their heart was not God’s. They were not giving themselves completely over to Him, even though he had called them to ‘consider their ways’, and do so.

I pray that you give your heart and all to God
and receive the blessings He has for you. – Pastor Ben.

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