This is our second week in this three-week series which focus’ on how God comes to us so that we are not alone, how God speaks messages of hope to others through us and how we can take the worries and fears of others and give it to God.

Last week we heard how the seemingly negative, shutting-God-out, self-isolation history of humanity is not the whole picture or story, but is set in a much bigger, a much more hope-filled and joy invoking story. A story of a good God, the God of the Bible, who created out of love for a relationship that produces joy. A joy we often miss now because of what went wrong, because of how humanity shut this good God out of our lives. 

But all is not lost nor hopeless, not even close, because even though we run from God…God runs after us…and we cannot outrun Him! 

Last week we heard that God is with us, so that we are not alone, and that God is for us, so that we are loved. 
This week we look how God works through us, so that we grow closer as family as we invite others into this family.

My hope is and prayers are that you will experience the love of God and be renewed in hope as you hear God’s word and share Him with others.

Pastor Roelof Buitendag

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