Hi Church,

Happy Reformation! 

It is always glad, even in current circumstance, or maybe especially during current circumstances, when there is the opportunity to celebrate something of meaning, and even more so when it provides hope.

If we take a step back into the 1500’s: it is remarkable to see how a couple of people inspired a couple more until masses were transformed and given hope by one simple truth…that in a broken world where everything cost you something there is good news that cost you nothing. Yes, traditions had to be questions, yes customs had to be challenged and yes it involved sacrifice, but in the end the good news we all long for was proclaimed in such a way that people of all ages and backgrounds could face this broken world with hope.

Stepping back into our current times: we too have an opportunity to encourage people, and it only takes one, two, maybe a handful in our lifetime with the good news that this broken world is not all that there is to life. There is a creator who loves his creation. There is a God who did not remain distant or apathetic to his people’s suffering and hurts but came into this world to live with us. There is a Saviour who did not merely show us a way to a better life but died for us so that he himself is that better life. There is an unseen yet very real spiritual being that is holy and helpful and lives with us each and every moment of our lives. What we go through here and now has a purpose, death is no longer the end, and there is an eternal life free of all things awful, discouraging, painful, hurtful, anxious and chaotic. 

The God who loves saved us towards this wonderful eternity with him forever. And we receive this as we believe in him as a free gift no strings attached.

Lets continue as the reformation church in removing things that make it hard for others to see God as mentioned above, and lets live our lives in such a way that people would see and meet this God and his free eternal gift when they see and meet us.

You are loved, God is glorious, our joy will become complete.

In His service,
Pastor Roelof

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