This week we are looking at an entire book of the Bible. And that is the book of Jude. And it’s so short – there are not even chapters in it!

Jude, the brother of Jesus Christ, (and also the brother of James) writes this letter to a group of Christians reminding them that they have been called, loved and kept by Christ.

But the main ‘guts’ of what he has to say is about ‘fighting’ for the faith or ‘contending’ for the faith.

And the reason for that is because while Jesus was alive, Jude was not a believing Christian, but after Jesus rose from the dead – things changed, and Jude came to believe in Jesus as his Lord and Saviour.

He wanted to share this good news with people all over the world, but was facing a pressing issue, and so in this letter he list a whole lot of ‘red flags’ of what Christians should be aware of, things that he had seen and things others had already warned them about.

And in this call to ‘fight’ or ‘content’ for the faith – it is a charge to really delight in God and to show mercy in others, because that is how the church fights valiantly for the faith: by loving God and showing mercy.

May God our Saviour who has glory, majesty, power and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, bless you this week as you ‘fight’ for the faith.
Pastor Ben

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