Hi Church,

I’m not sure about you, but one thing I seem to have noticed more during these past few months is bird noise. I notice it on my morning and evening walks, and there was even a press event I was listening to on the ABC, where it was hard to hear the politician because of the bird’s chatter and song in the background.
After some actual research, apparently the birds are seeming to sing more loudly because the ambient noise of a normally busy population is currently lessened. Because we are quieter, we can more clearly hear God’s creation sing.

I think it is an important reminder for us, that as we face new situations each and every day, that we do so with an openness to listen. I remember growing up my mum always said that I have 2x ears and 1x mouth and I should use them in proportion. But how well do we listen to God speaking to us through His Word, through His Spirit and through others? Maybe it is helpful for us to be slowing down and spending time listening to God’s creation, and God himself.

The research also makes me think of the ‘noise’ that we might contribute to the world around us. Sometimes it might be the ‘good noise’ of the Gospel being spread to those around us, but so often we spread the bad noise of conflict, division, arrogance, hypocrisy or personal kingdom-building. But I think all that does it make it harder for the Gospel to be heard when we do speak it. 

Creation may be singing of God’s glory (through the birds), but our job is still to tell the story of Jesus and His life, death and resurrection to others, and in the days we are in, it is even more important that this is the message that we share. I believe that sharing the gospel (and much of our faith life) is easy when everything is going well, but when we are in the darker parts of our lives, that is when our trust and faith in God are all the more authentic and powerful, and when people will be more open to listen to the message we have, as we sing God’s praises.

Maybe you, like me, have been drawn to a number of ‘virtual choirs’ that have been formed and sung. My ongoing prayer is that those voices will continue to sing even more loudly into the future as we even out-sing the birds around us sharing the
Good News of Jesus!

Have a blessed week ahead, singing God’s praises!

Pastor Ben Hentschke

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