This week we are into Part 3 of our series on “Supernatural” and we are looking at ‘Angels’.

And many people don’t understand the role of angels within the spirit world and within our lives as well.

We get our beliefs from television shows or movies, like ‘Touched by an Angel’ or ‘Supernatural’ with Sam and Dean Winchester (which is my favourite show of all time).

We also sometimes see a baby angel with a bow, arrow and love hearts on greeting cards at a certain time of the year which leads to our thinking of what angels are like.

But angels are simply supernatural beings created by God and for God’s glory. They do the word of God, and are so fierce that they can destroy thousands, and yet, so gentle that they can protect a single child. They are the messengers and spiritual
beings of God.

There are countless stories of angels in the Bible, apart from those that you will hear this weekend, and I encourage you to read these so that you can discover these worshipping, warrior, messenger carrying creatures for yourself.

This week, may God’s holy angel be with you so that
the evil one has no power over you – Pastor Ben.

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