Over the past few weeks as we lead into Christmas (not too far away!) we have been looking at ‘Ghosts of Christmas Past’, talking about some of the things that have followed us, haunted us and paralysed us from living the life God is calling us to.

I pray that this has been a time of refreshment and healing for you as we come into the Christmas season where the things we have looked at of: offence, shame and this week: ‘labels’ seemed to be more heightened than usual.

‘Labels’ and words are powerful. They have power to create, heal, shape and motivate; but they also have power to hurt, wound, discourage and destroy.

Whatever label that you might have been given in the past, I pray that you realise that it does not determine your future, because God can break all labels that are holding you back from God’s calling on your life. 

 Let’s get rid of the ’ghost’ of labels, and instead, focus on who God says we are in Christ Jesus whose birth we celebrate this Christmas.
Pastor Ben Hentschke

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