Money is a touchy subject. It is so often the last thing that gets converted in a Christians life. After the head, and the heart, there is the conversion of the wallet 😊

But we know that the Bible teaches generosity, and specifically, to the local church of which we are a part.

Many do give.

Many don’t.

Why is that?

The commands in scripture to give are clear and unambiguous. Obedience in the Christian life is always about the heart. It’s wanting to find out what God wants, and then wanting to do it. It’s the wonderful dynamic of having Him as both Forgiver and Leader. It’s like being in love with your spouse and wanting to do things that you know would please them. Giving is always a reflection of where your heart is positioned.

I do not believe in the ‘health and wealth’ idea that if you give, you can expect to get rich. I do believe there is blessing on our lives that can very well be financial in nature when we give the way God asks us to. But our giving will never outpace our supply.

The larger picture is that God has shown His generosity so much that he we can never outgive God. He has given us literally everything, and so anything that we might give back to Him is paltry in comparison.

Money is a uniquely human issue, one we all struggle with to one degree or another. Even if you’re financially blessed, you still have the burden of stewarding your money wisely. And I believe that one of the best ways to invest your money is into the local church.

Your tithes and offerings on a regular basis not only supports the work we do at Ipswich Lutheran Church. It doesn’t just support local and international missions and community growth. It also shows an obedience to God by making his work a financial priority in your life.

As you can see from the infographic above, we are seeking your help in order to ensure that we can continue to ‘know Christ and make Christ known’ in our community, in our city and around the world by preaching the gospel, making disciples and supporting those in our community who need help.

I encourage you to put God first in both your head, your heart AND your wallet, and invite you to think about increasing your regular offering amount. You are a valued member of our church family, and you’re financial support can make a difference.

So let’s seek to give generously in the same way God has and continues to do so, as we are a beacon of light to our community.

In His Service,
Pastor Ben.

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