Hi Church,

This week we conclude our First Fruits Series.

We explored, in the Cain and Abel account, how “what we give” points to our trust, or lack of trust sometimes, in the Lord. We also explored, looking at Haggai and Malachi, how we priorities so many things over God and the things of God and yet wonder why we don’t experience the loving relationships and joy we so long for in life.

The good news in both accounts points us to a God who, in spite of all this, does not condemn but speaks words of life (Gen 4:15) and continues to encourage His people to test Him (Malachi 3:10) in the reality that we would experience all the blessings Jesus already won for us in and through his death and resurrection as we draw close to God (prioritise God and His things) like He first drew close to us.

We conclude the series by exploring Jesus’ explanation following his observation of the difference in giving between the rich and the poor widow. Join us this Sunday as we look at how Jesus and Paul explains that the real difference was never about the amount they gave, but about the attitude with which it was given.

God bless you this Lord’s Day and the rest of the week. In His service – Pastor Roelof


Hi Church,

This week we continue in the tropical fruity world that is ‘first fruits’ as we seek to look at what it means to be good stewards of the resources that God has given to us.

Today we look specifically at what it means to put other things in front of God’s agenda, and I wonder how often you, instead of giving God your ‘first fruits’ instead give God your ‘second’ or ‘third fruits’?

He calls for our first and our best, and wants us to put Him at the very top of our priority list, and our giving is one way that he can see where we put God in the list of our priorities.

This past few days I have also been honoured to host my friend Mr. Luke Andrew, the church administrator from our partner church in Myanmar who is in Australia as part of a scholarship program through Australian Lutheran College. We are blessed to see Him show what it means to put God first as they share the message of Christ to the many in their country who do not yet know Him.

In His service – Pastor Ben Hentschke


Hi Church,

This week we embark on a brand new series called “First Fruits” as we examine the significance of being a good steward of the resources God provides to us, and of the willingness to offer him our best.

This week we follow the story in Genesis of a couple of brothers who both provide offerings to God, and see how giving God our best is really a reflection of our relationship with Him.

As we look at ways that we give our firstfruits to God in terms of our finances, time, gifts and whatever he asks from us, you will hopefully find within this bulletin some helpful resources to help you do this.

Because while as consumers we are willing to cheerfully give our best for the latest smart phone or concert with headline artist, these products and concerts are nothing compared to the God who created us, saved us, and loves us.

God Bless you, as you steward all that He has given to you. In His service – Pastor Ben


Hi Church,

This week we are focussing on the same word that Bethany Lutheran Primary School are focussing on throughout the year, and that is the word ‘inspire’.

And to ‘inspire’ is literally to ‘breathe into’ someone or something, and so we look at the greatest role model of inspiration, Jesus, and what he breathed into others.

John records Jesus meeting with the Samaritan woman at the well, and in this encounter, with a person who had a past that some might call questionable, Jesus ‘breathes into’ or ‘inspires’ her with words of life: eternal life.

With this inspiration, the Samaritan Woman then goes out into her neighbourhood, and ‘breathes into’ and ‘inspires’ others with these same words of life, love and grace, and many more became believers in Jesus who she says “really is the Saviour of the world”.

God Bless you as you breathe into and inspire others with His eternal life.
In His service – Pastor Ben