Hi Church,

We are into our last week looking at what it means to be ‘uncomfortable’ experiencing the awkward and essential challenge of Christian community.

This week we focus on a counter-cultural comfort, because as we read the Bible, we find that God has given us a comfort that is greater than anything that our culture, other religions, or our own preferences and desires can provide.

And through this series, we have talked about some of the uncomfortable aspects of Christianity, the importance of church community and the reason for it all.

Uncomfortableness can draw us closer to God than we’ve ever imagined. I pray that when you feel uncomfortable at church, in your engage group, in your faith, that you use it as an opportunity to experience the grace, mercy and love of God in a tangible, life-altering way.

In His service – Pastor Ben


Hi Church,

As we continue into week 2 of our series on the awkward and essential challenge of Christian community that we’ve called ‘Uncomfortable’ we are looking at the fact that even though the church is made up of people that we may not always get along with or agree with – that is ok, because that is still something that God can use for good.

That despite our differences, the Holy Spirit unites us and works in our hearts and communities for our good and for His glory.

The reason for this is because everyone is welcome and has a part to play in the body of Christ. The Apostle Paul uses the metaphor of the body to describe the church, that every part belongs to the body, and so it is with the church – everyone plays a crucial role in the body of Christ.

But although we are different, we are united in the most important way: by the Holy Spirit.

So let’s be ‘uncomfortable’ in the Spirit together. – Pastor Ben


Hi Church,

This week we start a new 3-week series called ‘Uncomfortable: The awkward and essential challenge of Christian community’.

Australian culture is a culture of comfort. It’s being sold to us everywhere we look. We’re encouraged to do what we want, when we want, with whomever we want. If something is uncomfortable, we want to avoid it at all costs.

The Christian faith, though, is just that: uncomfortable. This week we are going to see how being part of a church community is full of discomfort and awkwardness, but God uses these challenges to help us know him better.

Then, rather than attempting to find our dream church (which doesn’t exist!), we are going to see how we can embrace the uncomfortable and difficult parts of the Christian life in order to grow and experience true gospel community with one another.

Let’s be ‘uncomfortable’ together. Pastor Ben


Hi Ipswich Family,

We are continuing our 2-part series exploring what Jesus models for us and the Bible teaches us about prayer.

Prayer is simply continual conversation with our heavenly Dad that comes out of and creates further intimacy with Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Last week we explored Jesus showing us the importance of creating space to encounter God free from distractions.

This week we are exploring this other important aspect of prayer which is about prayer being a continual conversation in which we develop and are being developed into children who are in constantly communication with our heavenly Dad as we go about our day.

In His service,
Pastor Roelof


Hi Ipswich family,

As the regular year draws to a close and a new one looms, we turn our focus again to the topic of prayer.

Over the next two weeks we will explore what Jesus models for us about prayer. Prayer, simply put, is talking to God and also making time and space to let God talk to us. Prayer is a back-and-forth continual conversation with our heavenly Dad.

It comes out of a relationship of intimacy that happens in a secret place void of distractions. It also includes “praying without ceasing” throughout our regular day, whatever that might look like for us.

So please join us as we explore what it looks like to be in conversation with our heavenly Dad.

In His service, 
Pastor Roelof