God our Father, we pray:
for new mothers, coming to terms with both the joys and demands of motherhood;
for pregnant mothers, expectant and wondering, or fearful;
for those mothers who are tired, stressed, ill or depressed;
for those who struggle to balance the demands of work and children;
for those who have to struggle with difficult decisions about whether or not to
become a mother or to have another child;
for those who are unable to feed their children due to poverty;
for those whose children have physical, mental or emotional disabilities;
for those who have children they do not want;
for those who raise children on their own;
for those who have lost a child through death or abortion;
for those who care for the children of others;
for those whose children have left home;
for those whose children have rejected their love;
and for those whose desire to be a mother has not been fulfilled.
Bless all mothers, that their love may be deep and tender,
and that they may lead their children to know and do what is good, living not for
themselves, but for God and for others.
We ask all of this in Jesus name. Amen


I know that one of the core aspects of the Christian life is prayer. And all of us can relate to the reality that if there is one area of the Christian life in particular which we know is important but often don’t make enough time for it is prayer. It is difficult in our busy western culture to find time for prayer – so we need to make time for it. It is one of those priorities that often go by the wayside, isn’t it? But even when we do make the time to get quiet and talk to God, it can feel like a one-sided conversation, can’t it? If this is your experience then you are not alone!

This is why we continue to encourage the practice of reading the Bible while praying, and praying from your reading of the Bible; the place where God speaks most definitely. God does, however, speak to us in other ways. Some of you would have experienced that quiet thought out of nowhere to contact someone out of the blue and to them it was “just at the right time”. Some of you would have experienced that uncomfortable hesitation to do something or go somewhere and it turns out that disaster was avoided by not going. God answers prayer, most
certainly in and through His word, and also in many other ways, if only we read, if only we listen.

This weekend is all about God and prayer and in particular hearing God in our prayer life, a theme that has been explored over the entire weekend in and through our various services and conference sessions over the last two days. We are joined by folks from all over to join us for our Amplified Conference. Our guest speaker for this event is pastor Michael Duschke, all
the way from the Lutheran church in Bridgewater, SA, and will be teaching on hearing God in our prayers, how to discern that quiet voice or thought from nowhere, and live a thoroughly God-led life.

May you read God’s words in your Bible time and experience His leading in your prayer life.

In His service, Pastor Ben


The mission of our church is: ‘to know Christ and make Christ known’.

When Jesus gave his ‘final word’ to the disciples, he also gave it to us: “Go and make disciples of all nations”.

How can the church go? Well – for a start, it is not the building. Normally a building cannot ‘go’ anywhere. The church is the people, you and me, and we are called by Jesus to ‘go’ to where he is calling, teaching people about Him, and
baptising people into His name.

I wonder if you have ever taken some time to consider where God is calling you. Sometime we think that God might only call people to go to faraway places like Myanmar, and God has called our church to partner with the church there and
‘go’ and join Him in mission. But God also calls each and every person to ‘go’ to their family, to their workplace, to their neighbourhood and share the resurrection message of life, forgiveness and salvation to those who need to hear it.

We are all called to ‘go’ – so where is it that God is calling you?

I look forward to continuing to join you in God’s Mission to our local community, and to our overseas partners.

In His Service, Pastor Ben Hentschke


He Is Risen! He Is Risen Indeed!

That is the good news that we hear again today, as we are reminded again that ‘He is Risen!’

And this good news is for every single person in our
community, in our city and around the world. As we read in Acts, this good news is for people in Jerusalem, in Judea and Samaria and to ‘the ends of the world’.

Because while we were still sinners, Christ died for you. He once and for all destroyed the separation between our heavenly father and his children. And he forever conquered the power of death as three days later he rose from the grave and left his tomb behind.

The distance that once separated us from the king has been overcome. Victory is ours because ‘He is Risen!’.

Have a Blessed Easter!
In His Service, Pastor Ben Hentschke


Today is Palm Sunday! And today also marks a period of time leading up to Easter that is commonly called ‘Holy Week’. It is the week where we see the shouts of the people there with Jesus go from ‘Hosanna’ (Palm Sunday) to ‘Crucify Him’ (Good Friday) to ‘He is Risen’ (Easter Sunday).

Today though, on Palm Sunday, we commemorate Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. He rode in on the back of a donkey into the city as people lay down palm branches and their cloaks in front of Him.

And it all started with the crowd happy and excited that Jesus was there, because they had faith that he was going to deliver them.

But their idea of delivery was different to that of Jesus. Their idea of delivery was that Jesus was going to overthrow the government and that oppression the people were currently under. Jesus’ idea of delivery was that he was going to overthrow sin, death and the devil and that oppression people were under.

He came not for what they wanted, but for what they needed. He wasn’t the saviour or the deliverer that they wanted, but He is the Saviour and the Deliverer that we needed, which is why we celebrate and worship Him today: because of what He has done for us.

Have a blessed Palm Sunday! Pastor Ben Hentschke


Hello church,

As our current series is concluding, I would like to take the time to thank you for being a part of our community and to encourage you by pointing out the reality of God’s love and closeness in our lives as members of His family. We know that God is close because we experience that closeness most certainly in Holy Communion, a closeness which the Trinity shares and a closeness which Jesus tells us we share with each other as members of one body, as members of God’s family, the church.

The reality of this closeness is displayed publicly when we love and serve each other selflessly by being transformed through the renewing of our minds towards “this same mind we have in Christ”, as Paul puts it in Philippians 2. It is these acts of love which encourages others, and draws those who are not yet members of God’s family towards God’s family and God as they notice the loving, encouraging and joyous growing relationship we share with God and each other.

So let us continue to be renewed in this relationship with our Saviour and with each other by constantly being transformed through spending time together, and in God’s word as we strive to live out His truths towards one another in love.

In His service, Pastor Roelof


A huge welcome to the year 6 class of 2019 to Sunday Worship this week! We are thankful for you joining us and looking forward to be inspired by your message on Sunday.

One of the readings the year 6 class chose for Sunday is in relation to love and forgiveness. This fits in well with where our current series is at. This week, we are looking at the one thing that speaks louder to the church, than anything else, and that
thing is…”loving one another”.

John records Jesus’ words to the disciples, and therefore us, “A new commandment I give to you. Love on another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

As Christians the highest calling or priority we have is to 1) Love God and love neighbour, and, 2) Make disciples (baptising and teaching). You could even say that we love God and one another by being and making disciples. What does that look like? Well, Paul gives us a glimpse of what this love looks like in practice throughout his letters, and we will look at how he explains it in the second chapter of his letter to the Philippian church.

So let us join in encouraging each other by loving one another in the same selfless, other-serving, gentle, self sacrificial way Christ first loved us with. We are loved by God to love others. Let us be known as disciples of Jesus…let us be known for our
love for one another.

In His service, Pastor Roelof


This week we enter into the third part of our series as we
continue to develop and become ‘the me I want to be’.

And as we do that, we realise more and more that we need to stay connected to God through His word if we are to guard and guide our thoughts and minds to be renewed through the power of the Holy Spirit.

This is why we need to understand the energising impact of Scripture. Last week, we focused on digging into God’s Word, and this week, we continue that journey as we seek to have the same mindset as Christ Jesus (Philippians 2:5) in our relationships with one another.

When read about and focus on Christ, and what he has accomplished for us through His death on the cross and His glorious resurrection (which we will celebrate soon at
Easter), and stop focussing on our sin and evil (which are real and present – but which Jesus forgives) we will continue to become ‘the me I want to be’.

So in order for you to have a mind that is continually shaped by Scripture – I encourage you to make time, remove distractions and read or listen to God through
His Word which is for you.

Also consider joining a group where you can do this in the context of others as you share together, grow together and encourage each other to continue to live as the
person that Christ has made you to be.

In His service, Pastor Ben


This week we enter into Part 2 of our series ‘The Me I Want to Be’ as we look at what it means to Change our mind.

And I don’t mean change our mind as in from ‘yes’ to a ‘no’, but a more in-depth change from thinking negative thoughts to thinking Spirit-filled thoughts.

And one of the ways we learn to change our minds is through having an exciting vision, which is provided to us through Jesus and his death on the cross for our forgiveness and his rising again for the gift of eternal life in heaven.

We along with a vision, we need to have an intention to change, and not just an intention, but the means to change as well.

No one says “I wonder if I’ll learn Cantonese” or “I wonder if I will wake up tomorrow able to speak Cantonese”. This is something that we need to intentionally do through our decisions and our actions.

And the best means to change is to follow the life of Jesus, and we do that by reading His Word. In School Worship this past week I was blessed to be involved in presenting Bibles to the Year 1 students, and they were so excited to receive God’s Word and instantly many of them opened the covers and started reading.

My prayer is that your desire for God’s Word is as strong, and that with the right Vision, Intention and Means you enter into the life God has for you, and become the ‘You that God wants you to be’.

In His service, Pastor Ben