Hi Friends,

This is the last time I will write to you this year, and it is just a few days before we celebrate the Christ Child, and that God is not far away, but came near to us through His Son Jesus, born as one of us.

And what Christ brings, is simply extraordinary. It is love, hope, joy and peace. It is worth singing like the angels: “Gloria, in excelsis deo” (Glory to God in the Highest).

But have you ever wondered at this time of year, why the Angels were singing that song?

It certainly couldn’t have been for Jesus – I mean, leaving the glory of heaven to inhabit a body that would get tired and hurt from hard days working as a carpenter isn’t reason for joy. Then to preach the message he’d been sent to communicate only to have the majority of people not believe him, but crucify him for it – maybe this singing wasn’t for him.

It also probably wasn’t for the angels – It wouldn’t give them a lot of joy to watch on for the next 33 years over the incredible wonder of the creator of the universe playing with little kids, speaking to the storm and quieting it like a child, watching him restore sight and wholeness to the hurting and life itself to a friend who died, and to have all that love rejected – maybe this singing wasn’t for them.

I think the angels were singing for us.

The celebration was because they knew Jesus was the true connection between people and God. They knew Jesus could quiet that empty place within each heart that God created and only He can fill.

They knew Jesus came to earth to bridge the gap between God and human through his death on the cross.

That is why we have Christmas. That is why the angels were singing.

That first Christmas began with a glorious song, but that song isn’t over.

One thing the Bible tells us is that the angels sing for joy when people come to know Jesus Christ. And if you want to be giving out the best gift ever at this time of the year, then I would encourage you to consider giving the gift of Christ to those around you.

Because pretty much everything else (even that Tupperware that has a lifetime warranty) will not compare or last for as long as the eternal gift we have access to because of our Lord and Saviour whose birth we celebrate.

So – how might you share Christ with those around you? How will you love those around you in a way that affects their eternity? How will you continue to know Christ and make Christ known?

My prayer is that this Christmas you think of not only the gift of Jesus for you, but who else that gift is for. Think specifically of one person whom Jesus came for that is yet to know that reality. Think about how you might be able to lead them to, like the angels, sing this Christmas “Gloria, in excelsis deo”.

Could you imagine the gathering where we all get to do this together? Let’s ensure there are as many of the people we know a part of that eternal chorus!

Thank you for the honour to serve this faith community as your pastor through what has been an unprecedented year.

I pray that each of you have a blessed and merry Christmas, and a safe and happy New Year.

With Christmas Greetings,
Pastor Ben

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