This week we start a new two part series based on the Old Testament book of Haggai. Haggai is a minor prophet and in your Bibles it is after Zephaniah and before Zechariah (but feel free to use the index!)

I think often you can ‘wake up’ at stages in your life and have a bit of an unsettling feeling because you might think that at that point in your life your would have expected more.

And in many ways this is the context into which Haggai was written. The people were saying “we thought we would be in much different shape than we are in now”, and that is because they had gone from having the most magnificent temple (built under King Solomon), to now being in captivity under King Nebuchadnezzar.

But when they returned from captivity back into their nation, rather than build up their temple which had been destroyed, they focused on their own houses. Instead of focusing on God, they focused on themselves, their wants, their desires.

This led the Lord to say through his prophet Haggai: “Consider your ways”. Instead of doing their ‘own thing’, he prompts the people to do what the Lord called them to do as He delivered them from Captivity – simply focus on and worship Him.

I pray God’s blessing on you as you ‘Consider your ways’, and move towards what God has called you to do. – Pastor Ben.

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