Eight Years

Who would have thought that 8 years ago when I started here at Ipswich Lutheran Church that I would be writing this final letter to you.

It has been an amazing journey, with ups and downs, and in-between times all thrown in as well.

Through it all though, I truly have appreciated being able to journey with you all in partnership in the Gospel, as we have sought to ‘know Christ and make Christ known’.

Some of you may not have even been a part of our faith community when I started, others were here long before (and I pray will be here long after), but it has been a privilege to be able to be your Pastor for this time.

Just to give you some overview, I think I have baptised 87 people into God’s Family; I have married 20 couples, and I have also conducted 66 funerals as we have farewelled those who have gone on into eternity.

Through it all, I pray you have heard 1 thing, and that is Jesus Christ and Him Crucified – for you.

Because no matter how eloquent the words, no matter how short or long, no matter if it was by text, on the phone, or in your home – that is the reason that I do what I do – because I was called, by Christ, to share the Good News with you. I was called (twice actually) to do that here in Ipswich, and I truly pray that is the news and the message that you have heard as you are reminded of the forgiveness of your sins and been reassured of the promise to eternal life.

As I move to my new calling, to serve the Lutheran Church of Australia, Queensland District as the full-time First Assistant Bishop, I look forward to continuing to serve you as one of the parish’s within the district.

I also look forward to sharing the same message of Jesus Christ with people across the whole of our state, as each church (the people – not the building), seeks to go out into their local community to share this message with others, so that the Kingdom of God can continue to grow, and that we can continue to celebrate more people coming to faith in Jesus Christ our Lord.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you over these past 8 years, and I ask that you continue to pray for Kelly and I into this exciting future journey God has us on.

In His Service

Pastor Ben

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