Hi Friends,

Recently I have found that I have had to catch myself from saying ‘go back to normal’ because ‘normal’ is a bit of a fluid concept right now for us.

What is ‘normal’ a year ago is no longer ‘normal’ anymore.  We might have thought that shaking hands is ‘normal’, or hugging our friends is ‘normal’, or being able to fly to amazing and exotic destinations around the world is ‘normal’ – yet we are now unable to do any of those things.

Our ‘normal’ has changed… and continues to change. Even what was ‘normal’ just a week ago – being able to sit where we want to in church, not wear masks, leave our homes – has all changed, in an instant.

Which makes me wonder if we will ever have ‘normal’ again? 

In the past, I have loved the excitement of change and wondering about what is going to happen next. At the moment though, the different things we get to (not necessarily because we want to) do – I would love for there to be some ‘normal’ because ‘normal’ is easy, it is known, it is safe and secure.

But I wonder if it is like that too often also for our faith?

We get baptised, grow up in the church, attend week after week, maybe even go to a small group – but then we get into some sort of ‘normal’ rhythm that is safe, comfortable, known, easy and secure.

And when I read through my Bible, I don’t see a lot of safe, comfortable, known, easy and secure – in fact, I see pretty much the opposite. I see uncomfortable, unknown, uneasy, and insecure – but the best thing about all of that is it led those people in the Bible to trust and rely on the one thing that never changes – God.

Because no matter what is happening in the world around us, whether we are allowed to leave our homes, or have to wear a mask, or tap elbows instead of shaking hands, or not be able to attend the funeral of one we love – through all of this there is one thing that never changes, and that is God’s love for you.
So while we continue to navigate life – knowing that we have this one ‘constant’ (I’ll use that word instead of normal) in our lives – God, and what He has done for us by grace through Jesus Christ – how can we challenge ourselves to seek to grow in faith in Him?
My prayer is that while we await any sense of ‘normal’ in the world around us, that the constant that is God is present in your lives, leading you to grow closer and closer to Him, challenging what might have been ‘normal’ in your faith life. I pray for something that’s exciting, challenging, maybe at times even a bit scary as we seek to go out into the world and share the good news of the one ‘constant’ we have, and the hope and comfort that gives to us.

May our ‘constant’ God bless you this week,


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