This week I was able to join a number of people to listen and learn as a part of ‘Visiting with Vic’ that was organised by Bishop Paul Smith.

Rev. Dr. Vic Pfitzner was one of my lecturers as Seminary, and while now long retired (his last year of teaching was my first year of studying), he came to share a little bit about his background, the history of the Lutheran Church in Australia and his hopes and dreams for the future.

Vic didn’t actually know this, but when I was a young lad of 15 years of age, he actually presented while I attending a youth camp that was run alongside the LCA Convention of Synod.

While we attended a few of the business sessions, we also did ‘young people’ things, and had some of the church leaders of the time (like Vic) come and speak to us.

For me, this was actually the beginning of my journey to becoming a pastor.

Because until this point, while I had always gone to church, and we had always had a pastor at our church (most of the time, anyway), I never really saw being a pastor as a ‘job’ or something that a person does.

Some 20 years (and a bit more) later, it was great to be able to share this with Vic and thank him for his input into my life, and how that input has led me to where I am today.

But it makes me wonder, who am I sharing with, encouraging, and inspiring?

I think there is something lost if those if people feel as though they have nothing to offer anyone else in the church.

Vic could have said ‘no’ to sharing with us at our youth event, and who knows what journey my life might have taken.

You have something to offer as well. No matter if you are a young person, young adult, mature adult, middle-aged adult – you have something to offer. You can inspire, encourage and share with others. My challenge for you is to take up that opportunity – allow God to use you, and who knows what He could accomplish!

In His Service
Pastor Ben

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