Today we continue looking at the ‘Ghosts of Christmas Past’, and ways that God can heal us from those ‘ghosts’ as we move through this Christmas season.

Today we look at shame, which is really the internalising of our thoughts where we connect what we do (something wrong or bad) with who we are. We think that I did something bad, therefore I am bad.

Many of us, this sense of shame continues to haunt us, so my prayer is that as you hear God speaking his words of life and encouragement to you, that you can start the healing process.

Because you are not who others say you are. You are who Christ says you are. You are forgiven. You are healed. You are a new creation. You are loved. You are more than enough.

I am not ____________________

Because of Christ, I am ________.

 Let’s get rid of the ’ghost’ of shame, and instead, focus on who God says we are in Christ Jesus whose birth we celebrate this Christmas.
Pastor Ben Hentschke

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