This week as we continue in our series ‘All are Welcomed’
we look at the idea that it is not all about us.

While some people love to be the centre of attention, as a
church we need to be careful that we don’t make it all about us, our needs, our wants or our desires.

Last week, we learned that hospitality is about loving others, and we are called to love and consider others. This week, as we read Peter’s letter, we note that we are called to do this loving and serving and showing hospitality without complaining or grumbling!

Every good and perfect gift we have comes from God: our
homes, our pantries, our budgets, and our time, and so it should be a joyful privilege for us to host people, both in our church and in our homes, especially those who are
not yet part of God’s family.

And Paul in his letter to the Philippians encourages us to ‘Have the same mindset as Christ Jesus” (Philippians 2:5) What is this mindset? That he laid aside his position
of comfort and he did that for the sake of others. If he could do that for us, then surely we can lay aside some of our own preferences to serve our guests and show them that all are welcomed.

Let’s seek to be welcoming as a church in all that
we do. In His Service, Pastor Ben

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