I would love to share some wonderful treasures I have come across as I have been reading a book by one of my favourite authors, David Platt, called “Radical Together”. David points again to a significant, and foundational, truth of Christianity and then goes on to address another significant yet often lost implication of this most amazing truth.
Most wonderful truth: I would like you to remind you of the beauty of the gospel. That God so loved you that, despite your hopeless state of sin, he sent his Son to live the life you could not live and bore the penalty of your sin in his death. He took your place and your punishment, dying the death you deserved. Then he rose from the grave in victory over sin to give you, completely free with no terms and conditions, a new eternal life beginning as a new radical life now. What this means is that the starting point of this new radical life is your radical death in Christ through baptism – death to yourself and death to your every attempt to do enough for and before God.
In short, the gospel has saved you from your work, and you are free to overcome your guilt before God. You can stop working on your eternal life and start believing that God has gifted it to you.
Often lost or missed implication: The gospel that saved us from work also saved us to work. Right after Paul identifies salvation alone by grace alone through faith alone, he says that we are “created in Christ Jesus to do good works.” You no longer live to “impress God by works” but because of His amazingly selfless and radical gift of new life you now live “so impressed by God” that it leads to selfless living (or works of love) for those around you.
The reality is that when you are saved and believe in Christ alone for salvation, you not only are declared right before God as Father, but you also begin to walk with God as friend. In addition to new birth, Jesus also gives you new life: a life of joyful obedience and overflowing love. This is not “servant” language…this is “family” language. This is the language of discipleship. This is the life of a disciple of Christ. This is the life of the family of God.
May the God who has graciously given faith to you, begin to produce radical fruit from you as you gather regularly, maybe online for now, to be discipled and as you disciple others through your acts of love.

Pastor Roelof

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