Today is Palm Sunday! And today also marks a period of time leading up to Easter that is commonly called ‘Holy Week’. It is the week where we see the shouts of the people there with Jesus go from ‘Hosanna’ (Palm Sunday) to ‘Crucify Him’ (Good Friday) to ‘He is Risen’ (Easter Sunday).

Today though, on Palm Sunday, we commemorate Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem. He rode in on the back of a donkey into the city as people lay down palm branches and their cloaks in front of Him.

And it all started with the crowd happy and excited that Jesus was there, because they had faith that he was going to deliver them.

But their idea of delivery was different to that of Jesus. Their idea of delivery was that Jesus was going to overthrow the government and that oppression the people were currently under. Jesus’ idea of delivery was that he was going to overthrow sin, death and the devil and that oppression people were under.

He came not for what they wanted, but for what they needed. He wasn’t the saviour or the deliverer that they wanted, but He is the Saviour and the Deliverer that we needed, which is why we celebrate and worship Him today: because of what He has done for us.

Have a blessed Palm Sunday! Pastor Ben Hentschke

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