This Sunday is the last in our series ‘All Are Welcomed’, and over the past five weeks we have done the following:

We’ve asked, ‘Are we a welcoming church?’

We’ve learned that our gatherings are not really about us, and that we should focus on others;

We’ve followed the teaching and example of Jesus to ‘go the extra mile’;

We’ve considered faith and obedience that leads us to prepare well for guests.

And we’ve learned from the principle of the holy kiss how we can lovingly greet one another and our guests;

This week, we put it all together by considering what it means to consider others greater than ourselves, and how we can make some practical changes to do just that.

Because ‘welcoming’ means ‘going’. The welcoming church is not merely a church that waits for the world to arrive at the physical address of our worship centres. The welcoming church is more of an attitude or disposition. It represents the mindset of an outward focus rather than an inward focus. It is about serving, rather than being served.

May God bless you, as we seek to be the welcoming church Jesus calls us to be.
In His Service, Pastor Ben

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