From little things, big things grow

What comes to mind when you read those words? Maybe, like me, you remember the Industry Super advertisements that used that theme song for their commercial. Maybe you have other memories that go with those words, or that song.

I think of those words as I watch the plants in my garden grow. It took almost a year for Kelly and I to finally get around to planting out around our house following some landscaping we had done last year, but it has been fun and exciting to watch the lavender and hibiscus and lilly pilly’s that we have planted (along with some herbs and sweat pea’s) grow what appears to be almost daily.

Almost each day I see a new flower or leaf or that the sweat pea’s are at the next rung of mesh on their pursuit upwards.

I wonder if our faith is the same? Yet sometimes we don’t see it growing as much as we might like, or we grow even complacent with it just stagnating.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if, like my plants, I could see my faith growing each and every day? This happens as I spend time each day in the Word of God, listening to what God has to say to me, as I spend time each day in communication with God through prayer, as I spend time each day serving God and the people around me in my daily vocation as husband, brother, son, pastor, helper, friend.

I know God can do infinitely more than we could ever possibly dream or imagine, that from little things, big things can certainly grow.

But it starts with us, with our attitudes, with our desires, with our faith. Let’s be the people that seek to grow, each and every day, so that we can see the tangible growth of Christ in our lives.

Ps Ben

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