Hi Church,

We are excited to open our church doors again this Sunday, and maybe a bit nervous watching how things are tracking in others states, but excited to gather nevertheless. Thank you to those who have registered and will be attending worship in person.
We continue in various ways to go back and also adapt as we move forward and persist in our prayers for Victoria pockets in other states, and indeed new cases discovered in Queensland. May the cases hear be handled swiftly and not impact the positive trajectory we currently experience.

As we pray and continue our recent re-opening of physical worship centres, it should be mentioned that we are blessed to be able to continue our online services, and look forward to people joining us again in this way. A reminder also to please not feel under any obligation to join us physically – especially if you are over the age of 70, or 65 with underlying health concerns as per our governments health advice.

To ensure a great experience for our online worshippers, we are looking out for further volunteers in this great area of ministry, as we seek to reach out to more people with the good news of Jesus. So if you are able, and have a calling and desire to help in this way, please let us know!

It is worthwhile to again be reminded that the coming weeks and months ahead are going to look anything but ‘normal’, and even as we gather together, it is not going to be ‘worship as usual’, but as we have found as we have gathered together online for the past four months – we can adapt, and the Holy Spirit can still speak to us through his word, no matter what worship looks like, or feels like or sounds like – even if it is a bit different. After all, worship is not “our surroundings” but and expression of our hearts.

So as we gather together in family worship – online and in-person this weekend, I trust and pray that you will still have the opportunity to be served by God through His Word for you.

In His service,
Pastor Roelof

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