For many people, the most wonderful time of the year is not so wonderful. A painful past or even our own insecurities can overshadow the joy that we are supposed to be feeling during Christmas.

I believe that this year for you could like different, if you allow God to heal as we enter into our three week series that will lead us to Christmas Eve/Day called ‘Ghosts of Christmas Past’

Christmas has a tendency to magnify things. If there is something good, the Christmas season will magnify the good and make it even better. But at the same time, Christmas can also magnify the difficult times. What might be a little painful during the year seems to be incredibly painful at Christmas.

And today as we talk about overcoming offenses, maybe your family is divided, or you have friendships that have ended because of offense, this Christmas, let’s not celebrate the love of Christ in the birth of Jesus while holding offenses, or hating those around us.

Let’s instead extend the love and grace of God that we have received.

In His Service, Pastor Ben Hentschke

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