Hi Church,Today we continue with part two of our series on the book of Ezra called ‘Reclaim’.

And while the reading is a little bit longer than usual (nothing like a good dose of Old Testament history), the history contains an important truth: that God uses unlikely people to accomplish his purposes and bless the community of faith.

King Cyrus, King Darius and King Artaxerxes were all major power influencers of their time in the Persian reign over most of the known world.

Yet God moved in and through them to allow His people to return from exile and begin to establish God’s kingdom in Jerusalem once again, as they begun to rebuild the temple.

And God continues today to use the people in our lives, whether bosses, managers, coaches or politicians to bless the community of faith. I encourage you to keep praying for these people, and thank God for working through them as He seeks to use others to reclaim you!

The God of love reclaim you with His promises this Lenten season, Pastor Ben

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