This week we kick-off a brand new six-week series as we seek to continue to become a more welcoming church, because we know that in Christ, ‘All are welcomed’.

Over the course of these weeks we will see how we can change some of the things that we do to reinforce that as God welcomes all people, we too will welcome all people.

In his letter to the Romans, Paul writes about being ready to help those in need and how we are to ‘Pursue hospitality’ (Romans 12:13b)
And when we think about the word hospitality, we often get visions of great hosts or hostesses whose homes we’ve visited. And a good host we know won’t yell from the bathroom when you arrive ‘Come on in, the door’s open!’ Instead, they will greet you at the door, and let you know where things are as a hospitable host.

But we should also pursue hospitality, not just when people visit our homes, but in our workplaces, at the shops, down the street, and even more importantly, when people grace our worship centres.

Let’s seek to be welcoming as a church in all that we do.
In His Service, Pastor Ben

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