“Oh, no, not me”

Have you found yourself ever saying those words? Often we might use this phrase to let people know that something does not apply to us.

I wonder if, though, we also say these same words in response to the Great Commission that Jesus gave us: “Go and make disciples of all nations”, to which we reply, “Oh, no, not me”.

We might think that is for someone else. I mean, didn’t Jesus say that to the disciples? And I’m not a disciple, am I? The Great Commission is meant for people other than me – people like pastors and evangelists and those sorts of types, isn’t it?

I’m telling you right now, the Great Commission was only, and always meant for you, in that it was meant for everyone, and everyone includes you.

This weekend we are installing new staff members within our Bethany educational community: learning assistants, teachers, early childhood educators, administrators and more. And one of things that I am genuinely excited about is that instead of palming off the Great Commission to someone else, they have each decided that this is just one way that they are seeking to fulfil it. They have taken up the call to go and make disciples in their lives, which now will include within our educational community.

But what about you?

Are you too busy trying to make sure that everyone else is doing their part of the Great Commission that you have forgotten your own part to play in that?

What does it mean for you to actually think about what the Great Commission means for you, and reflect on how you might be making disciples?

Who is it that you are walking alongside, discipling, that is, teaching them about Jesus, how to pray, how to give, how to serve, how to worship, how to be part of relational community?

This is not something that we can ‘outsource’, that is, we can’t pay for someone else to do this – it is down to each one of us that Jesus is sending out into the world to go and make disciples.

Imagine a community full of disciples making disciples who are making disciples – how exciting and wonderful and joyful that would be. It’s actually not all that far away, but it requires us to do the first bit, which is us to say, “Yes, Lord, that’s me”, as we seek to make 1 disciple.

In the same way that it only takes a spark to get a fire going. So it only takes us starting with 1 disciple.

So let’s all start with 1, and see how the Spirit will work!

Pastor Ben.

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