Hi Church,

I knew that it was going to happen eventually, and a bit over a month ago – it began.

What am I talking about? The building next door. The joys of buying a house next to an empty block in one of the fastest growing suburbs in Ipswich! I guess we should be thankful we have had peace and quiet until now.

It’s not the early morning starts that worry me (I’m normally up well before that), but probably the constant flow of trucks and utes and ‘smoko’ vans beeping their horns at a time that really seems to early for ‘smoko’.

But it is happening. Last week and this week they have been pouring the concrete for these 6x townhouses, and they have had delivery now of the framing to go up as well (not sure if I’m looking forward to the constant noise of the nail guns to come).

But it is amazing to see if being built, day by day, bit by bit, and I look forward to the day when they are completed (for a number of reasons).

But for those of you who built your own house, you know, that just because it is ‘finished’ doesn’t mean that the work stops there. Because there are modifications you want to make, and gardens that you want to tweak, and improvements that you want to include, and so it some ways, the ‘building’ never really stops.

And in many ways it is like that with our faith. Because, really, the ‘building’ never stops, does it?

And if we want to be serious about the building of our faith, just like if we want to be serious about the building of a house – we need to commit time and resources to it.

So what time and resources are you committing to something that I am going to suggest is a little more impactful (at least eternally) than your home?

We don’t always need to be undertaking major renovations, but what small things are you doing to build your faith?

Maybe it’s an extra few minutes in Bible reading and prayer each day. Maybe it’s committing to joining an engage group for a few hours once per fortnight. Maybe it’s serving the church or wider community in some way, maybe it’s giving more back to God.

Whatever it is, I want to encourage you in it. Because wouldn’t it be great if the church (that is you, because the people are the church!) was making ‘noise’ because we too were building?

I look forward to ‘hearing’ that!
In His service,
Pastor Ben

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