I know that one of the core aspects of the Christian life is prayer. And all of us can relate to the reality that if there is one area of the Christian life in particular which we know is important but often don’t make enough time for it is prayer. It is difficult in our busy western culture to find time for prayer – so we need to make time for it. It is one of those priorities that often go by the wayside, isn’t it? But even when we do make the time to get quiet and talk to God, it can feel like a one-sided conversation, can’t it? If this is your experience then you are not alone!

This is why we continue to encourage the practice of reading the Bible while praying, and praying from your reading of the Bible; the place where God speaks most definitely. God does, however, speak to us in other ways. Some of you would have experienced that quiet thought out of nowhere to contact someone out of the blue and to them it was “just at the right time”. Some of you would have experienced that uncomfortable hesitation to do something or go somewhere and it turns out that disaster was avoided by not going. God answers prayer, most
certainly in and through His word, and also in many other ways, if only we read, if only we listen.

This weekend is all about God and prayer and in particular hearing God in our prayer life, a theme that has been explored over the entire weekend in and through our various services and conference sessions over the last two days. We are joined by folks from all over to join us for our Amplified Conference. Our guest speaker for this event is pastor Michael Duschke, all
the way from the Lutheran church in Bridgewater, SA, and will be teaching on hearing God in our prayers, how to discern that quiet voice or thought from nowhere, and live a thoroughly God-led life.

May you read God’s words in your Bible time and experience His leading in your prayer life.

In His service, Pastor Ben

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