Hi Church,

I almost struggle to believe that it is Palm Sunday. In some ways it doesn’t feel real, not being able to gather together and see the palms decorating our worship centres today.
But it is Palm Sunday – which marks the beginning of Holy Week, as we remember Jesus riding into Jerusalem, beginning his journey towards the cross, and then his glorious resurrection.
Today, I am sharing with you from the Psalms, and giving you a tool to describe who God is, so that in these anxious and troubling times that you might be finding yourself in, and when you tell yourself and others to just ‘trust in God’, you have some substance to those words.
We also are focussing on the kingship of Jesus, and what that means for our lives right now, that He is still in control no matter what is going on around us. 

I encourage you – if you have them, to use palms to decorate your study, or lounge or bedroom, and send in a photo of how you are celebrating Palm Sunday while practising responsible social distancing – I look forward to some amazing pictures!

May God Bless each of you this week, and as we look to the cross, and the journey of Jesus which was far harder than any temporary hardships we are going through, be assured of His strength and comfort in your time of need.

In His Service, Pastor Ben Hentschke

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