Hi Church,

This Sunday, as we continue our series “All are Welcomed”, we are looking a little more closely at first impressions. Just how important is it that a first impression is one of love and care? It can be difficult, sometimes even impossible, to recover from a bad first impression whereas a good first impressions goes a long way.

Paul writes to the Thessalonian church about the importance of how we deal with each other, and others we encounter that may or may not be of God’s family. He encourages the church, God’s family, to not live in bitterness but instead to do what is good for each other and for everyone else. Here, again, Paul emphasises his teaching of self-sacrificial living. A lifestyle that makes a true and therefore the right kind of first impression.

Jesus laid aside his “rights” and “freedoms” to live a selfsacrificial life for the benefit of everyone else. He lived the life we fail to live, died the death we deserved to die to give us this life we can never earn and never have to pay back. With this gift of life comes a freedom to live by His Spirit. To live lives that are selfless and good for everyone else. This way of living makes the right first impression because it shows that God’s community lives like Jesus and reflects the nature of the God whom we represent. This way of life, because it is given by and supported by God, brings true joy.

Live fearlessly for others and experience the joy God has in and for you. In His Service, Pastor Roelof

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