Hi Church,

One of the many things that the COVID-19 Pandemic has taught us is that the church is not somewhere we go, but the church is who we are.

As a church, our call is to step up to serve our community during this fearful time of unprecedented disruptions and long-term lockdowns. We want to show the world what it means to BE the church, because the call to serve and love our neighbours remains amidst any and all chaos and crisis.

Jesus spent a good deal of his ministry reminding us of the importance of service, and he didn’t include many caveats. In fact, you could easily argue that the call to serve during a crisis carries even more weight, which just means we need to be a bit creative.

What might that look like? Supporting local businesses, continuing to give generously, checking-in on your community, celebrating those around you and making the most of your outings: See a need, meet a need. 

I am thankful to the amazing volunteers who have taken our Bargain Shop and Caring Corner ‘online’ as www.ipswichthrift.store so that even though the stores might be physically closed, we are still able to provide this service to our community via online order and socially distanced pickup facilities! WOW!

Thank you to the over 20 people that made this possible!

Everyone is coping with this crisis differently. Some are going crazy and trying not to over-function, while others are struggling to get out of bed. So let’s be gentle with each other, and remember there is no perfect way to survive a crisis, we are all walking through it together.

But staying safe during the pandemic doesn’t have to make us selfish. Let’s continue to be people (the church) who look for continued opportunities to serve. Let’s be the church to our community and show that we are a people ‘where love comes to life’.

Pastor Ben Hentschke

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