This weekend we are continuing our series “Better Together’, as we look at belonging together.

Often I wonder why we are always so reluctant to admit our need for each other?

I think there are a number of reasons for that, but ultimately, the world in which we live glorifies individualism. We admire independent, self-sufficient people who seem to get along quite well by themselves.

We also are full of pride, and so to ask for help or express a need can be seen (especially by some men) as a weakness.

But there is absolutely no shame in needing others. God wired each of us to need others; he wants each of us to depend on and support one another. This is because God intends for us to experience life together. We were designed for relationships, formed for fellowship in God’s family and created for community.

God doesn’t want you to go through life alone, which is why as a church, we are exploring what it means to be ‘better together’ so that we can grow, love and be loved, serve and be served through small groups so that we can thrive spiritually as we learn to belong together.

Pastor Ben Hentschke

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