This weekend is the beginning of our brand new series called ‘Better Together’ and the message of this series is actually pretty radical and countercultural. It is almost the exact opposite of what you have been taught your entire life.

Because as Australians, we love our independence. You know the sayings: “I got to be me”, “I did it my way”, “I don’t need anybody to tell me what it’s all about”.

We think, and have been taught that happiness is the result of independence. And if we are financially independent, and relationally independent, if I am independent in every way—then I will be happiest.

Yet, as a nation we have never been more unhappy.

Why? Because independence is not the answer.

Happiness does not come from being independent, isolated, living your life with all the barriers up and all the masks, and keeping people at arm’s distance. That’s not the way to live life. Happiness, and joy actually comes from community, because we are ‘better together’.

I look forward to exploring how we are ‘better together’ exploring the joy of being in relationship and community with others over the coming weeks.

Pastor Ben Hentschke

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