Hi Friends,

Over the last few days my social media feed has been full of pictures of children returning back to school for the year.

And it is great when I get to see pictures of the children from when they first started primary school, and then when they first started high school, and now they are maybe entering into the last year of high school and they have grown so much over that time.

And if we were to look back, each of us have grown in some way over the past years.

But what have we grown in?

Have we grown in faith? Grown in our knowledge and understanding of God? Or grown in our desires and efforts to share the gospel?

Or have we grown in our waistlines? Grown in our cash reserves? Grown in our desire for things to ‘go back to the way they once were’?

My question simply is – what would God have us grow in? And are we growing in what God wants us to grow in, or are we growing in what we want to grow in?

Sometimes I think we might hide in what I call the “Collective us” or “Collective we”. We hide behind what we should be doing as a church in seeking to know Christ and make Christ known, and our growth in that, and when we don’t do it so well – we blame everyone else, rather than each of us looking at it from an individual and personal point of view, and blaming ourselves for not doing our bit in this calling.

Because the church is made up of individuals: you, me, and others. And so for the church to grow, we need the individuals who make up the church to grow, the church needs you to grow.

So how are you growing?

My prayer is that we can each grow over the course of this year in the things that God wants us to grow in.

And as we do this, maybe we can take a ‘picture’ at the end of this year and look back as see the amazing way we have individually, and collectively as a church grown together.

I look forward to discovering that picture with you together.

In His Service,

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