Dear Church Family, 
This term, at youth, we have been focusing on God and our emotions. How emotions are neither “good” or “bad”, but rather a guide to what might be going on with our processing of a situation. We have also looked at how we can move our focus from the negative affects of some emotions (depression, anxiety, anger, disappointment for example) and refocusing on God and His truth.
Here is one way in which you could do the same should you experience anger, anxiety, frustration or similar feelings:
Find somewhere safe and comfortable to sit and close your eyes. Bring to mind something that you have been struggling with lately. AS you think about this problem, notice all the thoughts and feelings that come into your mind. Think about how this is problem is currently impacting your life – how it has already influenced your past and how it might change the future. Where in your body do you feel the most upset when you notice this emotional pain? What does it feel like?
Now remind yourself, “God is always with me”. He said he would never leave us or forsake us (Deut 31:6). Imagine He is physically with you now. Imagine He is placing His hand on your pain. Imagine that as His hand rests on your pain that there is a warmth that comes from His love, and the place that hurts is softening around the pain. It is like the pain is lessening its hold on you and His love is allowing you to make room for it.
Sit with this exercise as long as it is helpful. Ask God to help you with this problem, and prayerfully surrender it to Him. Trust that God can help you with this and that He will sustain you in this.
Take a moment to reflect on a Bible passage that is encouraging to you or speaks of God’s love (for example Psalm 103:8-13 and Romans 8:35-39).
Take a couple of slow, deep breaths in and out (5-10) as you meditate on God’s love and feel the amplified emotion mellow with each breath.
Thank God for His closeness and love. I hope that you will find this helpful in your day to day Christian walk.
In His service,

Pastor Roelof

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