Hi Church,

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” Well.. that’s how the song goes anyway. But to be honest, with the year we have had – I think I speak for everyone when I say we are all looking for something, anything, that can help us focus on anything other than the dreaded ‘c’ word: ‘covid’.

And this time of Advent that we begin this Sunday is a time of hopeful waiting. As we look forward to remembering and celebrating the coming of Christ at Christmas, we also are waiting for Christ’s coming again, which we do with hope.

And one of the things that I love about this time of year, and something that gives me hope is the singing of carols. Some of you are the same, and some are already annoyed that the supermarkets started playing them 2 months ago!

But songs and Christmas have gone hand in hand since before the birth of Christ, and over the next 4 Sundays of Advent we are going to be focussing on some of these songs sung before, during and after the birth of Christ, preparing us for the celebration of His coming into the world.

And we also celebrate that due to the great work of Queenslanders (apparently this includes myself who has sacrificed for the greater good of our state by staying at home for the past 2x weeks), we can celebrate together in worship in greater numbers, with capacity increases allowed at our worship centres. I look forward to next Sunday when I can leave my home and be with you all again!

This Advent though, I want you to think about not only the first coming of Christ at Christmas, but what does it mean for you that Christ is also coming again? 

I mean, if we believe this, and we spend a whole 4x weeks of our Church calendar focussing on this, so I assume we do, then surely we would want to do all that we could to ensure that we are ready for Christ’s return?

But what does being ready look like? While we might personally be ‘ready’, what about our friends, neighbours, co-workers, some of the members of our own families like mums, dads, children or grandchildren? Are they ‘ready’ for the coming again of Christ?

My prayer for you is to be so fully immersed in the love and grace that Christ has shown to you from His coming into this world that you want to do nothing else but to share that love and grace with those people, so that when Christ comes again, they too might be ‘ready’ to rejoice and celebrate with Him.

Let’s seek to make it the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ for as many people as possible by sharing with them the eternal joy that Christ can bring.

In His service,
Pastor Ben

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