This week we are looking at the fourth of the seven letters that Jesus writes to the churches of Asia Minor as recorded in the book of Revelation.

And this letter to the church of Thyatira could be summed up as Jesus saying to them: ‘Don’t be naïve’.

Jesus commends the church for their good works – commendable things like love for others and service to others. But the church had offended Jesus by tolerating someone who was leading the church to idolatry and immorality through false teaching.

And the problem was that the church was almost too ‘nice’. It was so tolerant that false teaching and immoral living ate away like a cancer at the church’s commitment to Christ and testimony for Christ.

Jesus calls us also to ‘not be naïve’ and instead hold on to our Christian deeds, our love and faith, our service and our perseverance as we receiving the heavenly promise that can only be found in Christ Jesus our Lord.

May God bless you as we hear his message, and as we are victorious.

Pastor Ben

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