Dear church,

Prayer is a wonderful and interesting thing, and if you are anything like me (and statistics show a whole lot more people who don’t normally), during this time of the COVID-19 Pandemic you are possibly praying far more than normal.  

I wonder what you might be praying for, and if that has changed over the past few months? 

Initially you might have been praying for the safety, health and wellbeing of your loved ones and those that are close to you. 

You might have been praying for the frontline staff who were having to ‘face’ the crisis head on, many in those initial times without the PPE that was necessary for them to protect themselves. 

Maybe you were praying for wisdom and unity for our church leaders as they prepared for a time where we would not be gathering for Holy Communion, or within our church buildings. 

Whatever those prayers were, maybe they have started to change, as we thank God for the success of our physical distancing measures and ‘lock-down’ protocols and the reduction of community transmission of the disease which mean that I will even be able to join in with thousands of others at the footy this weekend. 

But my hope is that any improvements and changes to your prayer life don’t get lost as we slowly return back to a sense of ‘normal’, because that time in prayer with God helps us to grow in intimacy with our God, our Saviour, our King and builds in us a wonderful spiritual discipline that will help guide us in the future. 

Maybe your prayers will now be directed to our church members as we patiently await for the opportunity to gather again in person; maybe your prayer will be directed to your family, friends, neighbours or co-workers who do not yet know the life, forgiveness and salvation that you have; maybe your prayers will be directed towards the unity and resourcing of our church as we seek to move into the new future paved by this pandemic. 

Whatever the future may hold, can I just encourage you to pray. Because as you through prayer get to more fully know Christ, we can’t help but want to go out and make Christ known, and in these times of uncertainty and anxiety – the message of hope and salvation is needed more than ever.

God Bless you in your ongoing prayer life.

In His service,
Pastor Ben Hentschke

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