The mission of our church is: ‘to know Christ and make Christ known’.

When Jesus gave his ‘final word’ to the disciples, he also gave it to us: “Go and make disciples of all nations”.

How can the church go? Well – for a start, it is not the building. Normally a building cannot ‘go’ anywhere. The church is the people, you and me, and we are called by Jesus to ‘go’ to where he is calling, teaching people about Him, and
baptising people into His name.

I wonder if you have ever taken some time to consider where God is calling you. Sometime we think that God might only call people to go to faraway places like Myanmar, and God has called our church to partner with the church there and
‘go’ and join Him in mission. But God also calls each and every person to ‘go’ to their family, to their workplace, to their neighbourhood and share the resurrection message of life, forgiveness and salvation to those who need to hear it.

We are all called to ‘go’ – so where is it that God is calling you?

I look forward to continuing to join you in God’s Mission to our local community, and to our overseas partners.

In His Service, Pastor Ben Hentschke

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