How Can I Help?

Recently I have been watching a show on Netflix/Channel Nine called ‘New Amsterdam’. It is a story of the equivalent of a CEO of a hospital (called a ‘medical director’) who is brought it to turn the New Amsterdam hospital around.

With a doctor’s background, the medical director aims to improve the health of both the patients, but even more insightfully, improve the health of the community around the hospital based in New York City.

To do this, he constantly works with his staff of doctors, surgeons, nurses, janitors and everything and everyone in between by asking them one simple question: ‘How can I help?’

He asks them how he can help them. Whether that be to provide better imaging equipment, or post-natal care nurses, or some other idea to overcome a problem they have as together they seek to help those in need.

In my conversations with people over this past week I have been a little bit more in-tune with these words ‘How can I help?’, and so have found myself saying them, but more interesting to me is the amount of times you (those who have spoken to me) have asked them of me.

And to be honest, it is quite humbling to hear people ask me ‘how can I help?’, but I have also found it quite enlightening.

Because as much as I am here to help as your pastor, I realise that together we are also seeking to grow God’s kingdom and make disciples, and in that sense there is only so much that I (as one individual person) can do, and so to hear those words ‘how can I help’ are very encouraging, as together we seek to impact our community with the Good News of Jesus.

So this week, as you go about doing what you do, maybe think of how you can help those around you: physically, mentally, financially, and spiritually – as you seek to make disciples.

If you need help, I am only ever a phone call away, and if I answer ‘how can I help?’ don’t be afraid to let me know!

Pastor Ben.

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