A servant serves.

I am currently reading Paul David Tripp’s book called ‘Lead’, and he writes something quite profound in his chapter ‘Servants’ that I would like to share about.

The theme of servanthood is so radically counter-intuitive, yet it is the term that defines how God has called us to do what we have been called to do.

What is the motivational joy in the heart of a true servant? The joy of a true servant is not power; the joy of a true servant is not control; the joy of a true servant is not acclaim; the joy of a true servant is not comfort or ease; and, of course, the joy of a true servant is not position. What gives a servant joy in being a servant is service.

Why is service so unnatural for us? Why do we love to be known as servants while not always loving the call to serve? Why do we fall into thinking of opportunities to serve as an interruption, a hassle, or a burden? Why do we count the cost while forgetting the riches we have been given? Why are servant posture and attitude not normal in the hearts and lives of those whom God has called?

The answer is clear: sin.

Sin is self-focused, self-absorbed, self-defensive, and self-aggrandizing – selfish in the purest sense of what that word means. Our default idol is the idol of self, and because it is, my default craving is for what I find comfortable, enjoyable and exciting.

So it is clear of the presence of power of rescuing and forgiving grace is present when any person finds joy in the self-sacrifice and self-denial that are the normal life of a servant.

That struggle of selfishness is the focus not only of the rescue and forgiveness of our justification, but also of the transforming work of our sanctification.

Jesus, our Saviour has rescued you from you, is rescuing you from you, and will continue to rescue you from you until that rescue is no longer needed.

If those people around you were to characterise your attitude and actions as a person, would they say that you have a servant’s heart?

In His service,

Pastor Ben.

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